Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Yes your seeing right! Holly (and family) got a dog for Christmas!!
I know, I know I can hear what some of you are saying right now.
It has actually been better than I had thought and the kids are excellent
dog owners. They were so surprised on Christmas morning. I had her hiding
in the garage. Had Matt take them downstairs and then when I was
ready he brought them back up! It was a lot of fun!! We named her
Gingersnap or Ginger for short. Right now she is sweet and very much
a puppy we are hoping she stays on the sweet side. By the way for those
of you that care she is a chocolate lab/ German short hair mix.
Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The girls have been apart of Catherine Stambaugh's Lehi children's choir for the past 5 years! It is my favorite part of the season. Their concert was last night at the Alpine Tabernacle in A.F. For Sydney who likes to pretend she is shy it's amazing to watch her participate when she really isn't a performer. And Holly well she likes us to come watch her even if she complains about going to practise on Mondays. But that's only because she wants to play, play, play. Catherine does such a good job with the kids and it's always a great show. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit. I am going to be sad when the girls wont be doing it anymore.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holly is 10!

Not only did we have one birthday party on Tuesday but we had two!! It was the best day so I just went for it and then I worked all night but that's another story. Holly had friends over they decorated graham cracker houses, frosted sugar cookies and had German pancakes for dinner! She is happy to finally be in double digits.

Jack's Birthday Party

Jack had a birthday party last Tuesday with some friends! It was a monster truck/car party! He turns 5 tomorrow on the 12th!!

Attack of the Gingerbread house!!

Janine had her primary class over for a Christmas party so Jack got to go. They had made graham cracker houses. As you can see Jack was enjoying eating then attacking the house. Made me laugh.